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Cleaning Audio Tips I've learned.

2015-07-28 20:55:02 by nikesrox

Using 2.1.1 version of Audacity to clean audio

First you select beginning of the clip that doesn’t have the voice, go to noise reduction, click get noise sample, select whole clip then go back to noise reduction and hit ok, then normalize, then compressor uncheck the two things at the bottom and set the threshold anywhere between -15db to -20db, then Equalization Bass Boost, then Treble boost these are preset settings, Normalize, Go to limiter select hard limit hit ok, normalize, finally select beginning of the clip that doesn’t have a voice, then go to noise reduction get noise sample, then select whole clip and use noise reduction hit ok, select and delete any noise on the beginning and end you need too, export at 16bit wav for best sound quality. This should help you make better audio. Another tip, is to get a pop filter if you don’t have a pop filter cover your mic with a sock, and make sure to turn off your fans.